Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bee Removal for Areas Near Ithaca, Cortland and Auburn, NY

  As a beekeeper, I try to save honey bees that have found themselves in the wrong places.  Please call me at (315) 497-9079 if you find a swarm in the Fingerlakes region of NY. I am located in Locke, NY and remove bees in the areas surrounding Ithaca, Cortland and Auburn, NY.  I will pick up swarms without charge. 
If bees are in a structure like a house, shed or barn there is a fee to have them removed.  I charge reasonable rates to have them extracted from structures. 

Bee Swarms

Swarming is the honey bees' method of reproduction.  It usually occurs in the spring, but can also happen in the summer and fall.  A swarm will appear like a big ball of bees. Often there are several thousand bees in this ball of bees.  The bees are attracted to the queen bee because of phermones she releases.  I will shake, scoop or brush bees into a box or bucket and most of the bees will be dawn to it because of the queens' ablity to attract them.  If a swarm is on the ground or place that I can set a beehive next to them, they often will walk right into the hive.

Honey bees in Structures 
Beekeepers charge to take bees out of buildings for a couple reasons.  1.  Difficulty in getting them.  With a swarm it is often a matter of minutes to come and have them in a box, but an established colony is harder to remove and more aggressive.  2. The bees in an established colony do not tend adapt as well to their new home as a swarm can.  The beekeepers' time and effort must be considered.  It is hard for the beekeeper to know what he is getting into until he starts to get into it.  Some bees are much more aggressive than others and can cause more difficulty than expected.
Every bee colony is unque.  Please call and let me know the details that you know before having me drive to the location.  Pictures sent to my email address could be very helpful also.  You may email me at . 
 Again to call me about swarms or pricing for removing honey bees out of a structure call me at
(315) 497-9079